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     Hot Rod Jim’s C5/6 Frame for the Task Force Trucks has been suspension indefinitely. We designed this particular frame way to fast all for the drama of the SEMA show. We won’t make that mistake again. The entire frame had lots of minor problems everywhere and ultimately got turned into a shop sign.  

     Can You Weld?

     On the bright side the guys at Nerd Rods have the PT-57 and a new frame for it. We are using a C4 Corvette Suspension now as we cannot overlook the performance per dollar of the 1984-1996 Corvette suspension. But the best part is this frame is available in a weld it yourself kit and is available in a no body modifications version as well as a super slammed version that will require you to do some cutting to make it all fit. Check out Nerd Rods site ( for more info, details, photos and video. You can also see the build thread for the Prototype Truck here (




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