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Current Projects

Hot Rod Jim’s Project Meteor will be a culmination of skills and technology available from Hot Rod Jim’s. This 57 2 door hardtop will retain almost all its classics style while getting the most amazing chassis and driveline upgrade available. We will take the car to the next level of balance, powered by GM's most powerful naturally aspirated small block ever produced, the LS7 backed by a built T56. The Meteor will also have the best chassis Hot Rod Jim’s offers, our C4 Z06 with dual adjustable shocks and SS kit. Technology of the modern car industry and the timeless style of the 1957 Chevy, Click here to see more.

This is Hot Rod Jimís new shop truck. Powered by a, very much not stock, LQ4 from a 2003 Chevy ĺ ton truck this will be our new parts getter and haul truck. Air Ride and the Z06 6 Piston brakes will let us ride in comfort with any load and stop on a dime. This is also the prototype for our 55-59 Chevy truck project. Click here to learn more.

Past Projects
ot Rod Jim's no body modification 57 2 Door Sedan. Stock Fire wall, stock inner fenders front and rear 400 + HP of LS1 power paired to a T56 6 speed transmission. This was our test platform for the Sport and SS kits. Click here to see more on the Black Widow and watch us tear up the road course throw her around the Autocross track and just plan try to break the car.

Jimís little roadster that rips up asphalt. Powered by, you got it, a LS1 and T56 6 speed through a C4 Corvette Suspensions, Not surprised I hope. Click here for more.

Future Projects

1978 Corvette Project

This Next after the truck we will be doing a C5 and C6 conversion frame with and without the transaxle Check back for the latest


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