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Mar. 21. 2011

       Fredís 56ís has moved onto Adrenalin Rides Garage for its finish out. Sorry but I didnít get any photos before it left but Kendall Burleson of Adrenalin Rides Garage will be sending us some updates as he goes. But the car turned out to have some serious bondo issues and is now getting stripped to the bone for it re finish. Check out the Rendering by Fast Eddy


Dec. 3. 2009

       Turbos and exhaust goodies came in earlier in the week so we’ve got a few mockup photos for you all. We will be doing a little floorboard mod to the back to give us a little more room for the turbos otherwise the rest of the floorboard is stock.  Waste gates will dump down in front of the rear end right where the tubing turns up to go over the rear end.



- Russell Alexander

Dec. 3, 2009

       Fred’s 1956 came to him as pretty nice car but after selling his C5 Corvette the Old 350 and power glide just didn’t impress him anymore nor did he really trust it like back in the day.  We’re first outfitting this 56 with our Stage 2 Rolling Chassis so we can toss some custom tweaks to the frame for the turbos. With the corvette suspension this car will now have power rack and pinion steering, all wheel disk brakes, QA1 coil over shocks, IRS suspension and our front sway bar upgrade. To Power the new chassis we were looking for power without breaking the bank. So we started with an LS1 and T56 from a 2000 Camaro. For less than 4,000.00 we now have a LS motor, T56 transmission, pulleys with power steering pump and AC compressor, a wiring harness we can rebuild and some exhaust components to start with.  Fred wanted about 500 HP and he was looking at LS7’s and LS3’s but once you got the 5,000.00 motor now your looking at a custom harness for at least 1,000.00, 1,500.00-2,500.00 in pulleys and you still don’t have a transmission flywheel or clutch. So we’re going to huff a little more power in this bad boy with a custom STS Twin Turbo System pushing 5-7 PSI and giving us about 500 at the rear wheels and we’ll also get better gas mileage too, 28+ on the highway. Watch here as we knock this build out. I’ll post some number so other guys and get an Idea of what it’ll cost to do this to their car and who knows this might be the build for your TriFive.

       Some photos of Freds 56. We’ll be going to pick the car up and bring it back to Hot Rod Jim’s so we can swap it over and re wire the car.


       Here’s Fred’s Chassis as it would be delivered to a customer who ordered our TriFive Stage 2 Rolling Chassis.


- Russell Alexander

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