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1932 Ford Roadster

  • Hot Rod Jim 32 Ford body
  • Hot Rod Jim Custom 32 frame
  • C4 Corvette Suspension
  • Dana 36 rear end 3.08 gears
  • QA1 Coil Over Shocks
  • Bear Brakes
  • LS1 and 4L60E
  • EFI Live Speed Density Tune
  • Wait 4 Me Performance wiring harness
  • Speedway Motors LS1 Shorty Headers
  • Full 2 ¼ inch exhaust system
  • Aluminum 2 Core Radiator
  • Ididit Steering Column w/ Shift

Update January 17, 2008


We're done with our end of the little roadster. Gauges are in, the flushed rear tail lights are done 100 miles of tuning have been and she purring like a kitten and roaring like a lion. Paints been buffed and she looks great so we tossed a nicer looking set of wheels we had laying around onto the car and sent her off to have some nice photos taken at the old mill.

Update June 24, 2008


Larry’s roadster is finally running. With every delay imaginable, dead fuel pumps, bad relays and a fight with the alternator the little LS powered roadster is out and about. In the next week we’ll be getting the suspension aligned and start some tuning on the motor to make sure the transmission shift points will work properly on this light car. As she sits the little roadster weighs in at 1934lbs with no driver and a full tank of gas.  We’re waiting on a few executive decisions from the owner on gauges and rear tail lights. Check back soon



Larry’s roadster is is back from Seguen Drive Line and Muffler with a mean set of Corvette twin tipped exhaust with a full dual all the way back Next off to paint



We've got the new tires in and now we can see the stance with the staggered offset wheels and the final stance of the car. We also have the hood mocked up and the grill shell fitted



We got the motor broken down and painted in a urethane silver to make for easy malignance and a killer look. The intake has been painted gloss black to match the body. back in the frame and start going back together



Larry's roadster returned from its trip to the body guy and after 6 months the top 3 photos are what we got back. We stared beating on it and after 3 weeks the car now looks like the final 3 with the 2 in the middle showing the progress of the body while we worked on it.


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