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roject Metteor will be the showcase of skills and technology available from Hot Rod Jim’s. This 1957 Chevy 2 Door Hardtop will retain all its classis style on the exterior while getting the most amazing chassis and driveline upgrade available with a perfect balance of comfort and handling. We will be taking the car to the next level of balance with firewall, inner fender, and floorboard modifications that will allow us to move the heaver components around to better balance the car to the driver. Twin turbos with a mild compression LS1 will power the Metteor backed by a built T56 and a Dana 44 rear suspension for reliability. The Metteor will also have the best chassis Hot Rod Jim’s offers for the Tri Fives. Our C4 Z06 with Air Ride and SS kit allowing us the best in handling and comfort with the suspension and ride adjustment at the touch of our finger tips. Finishing the cars exterior will be House of Colors Candy Red over a Metteor Maroon base and pearl white top to give the car a touch of new with the classic style only found in the 57 Chevys.

  • Chassis
    • Hot Rod Jim’s C4 Z06 Rolling Chassis
    • C6 Z06 Corvette Brakes
      • Front 14” Rotors
      • Front 6 Piston Calipers
      • Rear 13.6” Rotors
      • Rear 4 Piston Calipers
    • AirRide’s Shockwaves
      • SS Kit upgraded Part
      • Dual Adjustable Shock
      • Bearing Shock Ends
    • AirRide’s Level Ride System 4800 Series
    • Twin Air Rails
    • Custom Rack and Pinion 1.75 turn
    • Dana 44
      • 4.10 Gears
    • Z06 Corvette Pattern wheels
      • 19X10 Front
      • 19x11 Rear
    • Michelin Pilot Spots Tires
      • 275/35/R19 Front
      • 315/35/R19 Rear
    • Custom PFADT Sway bars

  • Exterior
    • Paint Colors
      • House of Colors Meteor Maroon base
      • Red Candy Top Coat
      • Pearl White top
    • Belair Deluxe Trim
    • C5 Corvette Flags and Fuel Injection Logo
  • Drivetrain
    • LS7
      • 10.5:1 Compression
      • Custom spec cam shaft
      • Chromalloy pushrods
    • T56
      • Carbon Ceramic Synchronizers
      • Steel 3-4 Shift Fork
      • Brass Shift Fork Pads
      • F-Body configuration
    • Special Motor Placing
    • Custom Radiator Support System

  • Interior
    • Front Race Seats
      • 5 Point Harnesses, Removable.
    • Fake Rear Seats with Storage
    • Center Console
    • Vintage Air AC/Heater
    • Custom Stereo
    • Custom Roll Cage

    January 24, 2009

           This update has been a long time coming. We have the wheel tubs in the car now for the 345’s Here are some quick photos to keep you all up to date.

    December 01, 2008

           The Body of our 57 came from a gentleman who had had the car for more than 30 years. The car had moved from indoor storage to indoor storage and only spending minimal amounts of time outside. So when he decided he wanted to sell it we jumped on that deal like a fly on stink.†So hereís the starting point for Project Metteor. They had tried to do a flip front end and it didnít work out like they had planed so weíll be converting it back into a traditional flip hood. Weíll be steeling the front end from one of our donor 57ís.†

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